Writers On a Budget

The One

All writers want to find “the one”. The perfect one. The one that makes you smile. The one that makes you happy. The perfect…notebook.

What non-writers don’t understand is that it’s almost like finding the perfect mate – it has to be just right. It must speak to the writer. They don’t realize that the most expensive notebook isn’t always the right one. If they only knew that cost has nothing to do with it – well, other than sticking with your budget (if you have one).

When we writers shop for the right notebook we touch, we smell, we feel, we imagine…we try to envision what our words will look like in it. Which pen will we use? Or maybe pencil? This notebook is one we will carry with us at all times. It may simply be a place where we store our ideas as they come to us, it may be the place where we’re writing a book, poetry, short stories, etc. Some of us want all of our notebooks to look the same as we go through them and needing another one, while other writers are fine with having different looking notebooks. Either way, we all share that one interest of finding “the one”.

This weekend I was on a hunt for “the one” to begin writing my poetry in it. At the current moment, my poetry is strewn around between random pieces of paper and various places on my computer. I just want one place where I can write them and easily transport with me everywhere.

The first notebook that came to mind was the Moleskine notebooks. What artist doesn’t enjoy a good Moleskine? As we all know, you’re going to pay a good few bucks for a Moleskine notebook, but at this point I knew I wanted a nice, simple, notebook for my poetry; a notebook I knew would always be available for me to purchase as I needed, so I was willing to pay the extra amount for it.

Saturday evening I was meeting with my book club at the nearby Books-A-Million. I arrived about a half hour early so I went straight to the journal section and found a Moleskine notebook. $19 and change, but it was exactly what I was looking for. As I held the black, plastic-wrapped journal in my hands, I stumbled upon a cream-colored one that looked just like it in style, but a different brand – Piccadilly.

Guess how much it was? $6.97!  I almost jumped in the air with excitement upon seeing the price and put the Moleskine notebook back on the shelf. Now, I would never tell people not purchase Moleskine, but when you’re an artist on a very tight budget, it helps to have similar quality and style for just about a quarter of the price of the more popular brand.

If you have never heard or tried this brand of notebook I highly recommend it. It is almost identical to Moleskine and provides the same look you’re after. The silver on the front can be removed to display a clean front cover, the pages inside are ruled and have the ribbon page marker, and just like in the Moleskine notebooks the back cover provides a pocket. So if you’re like me, in search for a Moleskine, but on a budget, try looking for a Piccadilly notebook. You won’t regret it!


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