For most of my life, like many people out there, I thought that being a writer or rather, being able to call yourself a writer meant you were published. However, after much observation and experience in writing of my own, I have discovered that simply by carrying out the act of writing makes you a writer. You have the freedom to call yourself a writer.

No I do not have any published work – yet, no I do not write every day, and no…I haven’t even finished writing my first book. In fact, I have several short stories and many ideas of novels started. I am the perfect example of what a writer shouldn’t be or do, but I am making waves in my discovery as a writer and I am eager to share my journey with you.

Come along on the ride with me as I make my best effort in completing my first book, learning everything I can about the craft; from writing the first word to the business of publishing, and ultimately finding my voice and making no apologies about the mistakes I make along the way.